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18 Sep 2007

At Wit's End with Dogs!
Hi All!

Have been away for the first time overseas in 33 years! I had a friend in to housesit the 16 cats and 3 of the "easier" dogs. The other 3 went to the kennels, very nice ones too infra red heated, the lot with plenty of exercise and their own food, bowls,baskets, blankets etc. We were away for just under a month. Since our return our 10 year old longhaired Dachsie (who has a grade 3 heart murmur) and the 6 year old GSD have been at odds for the last couple of weeks. (We returned 28 August). Everone is neutered and spayed. The GSD and the Cross Lab/Collie we inherited from my sister who died nearly a year ago and I promised her I would look after her dogs on her deathbed in our house. The Cross Lab is fine but the GSD and the Dachsie are having dominance/power issues. Everyone is peeing against something and my blood pressure is sky high. The GSD was taken to dog training for a few months but husband gave up and I don't have the time. Tehy all get walked by me in the afternoon in two batches. I am dead scared the Dachsie is going to push his luck one day and the GSD will annihilate him. They are both on Clomicalm at the moment. On top of it we are having a garden wall built in the front and even though we have a backyard big enough for all of them, they prefer the front and feel "stressed". Hopefully the wall will be finished soon. I have started feeding the two apart whilst before they all ate in their own places in the kitchen but Dachsie (name Monty Pyhon) iks forever snarling at him. The GSH (Beer) went to the kennels primarily because he still chases my cats who are quite used to this by now and flee or klap him whatever their nature is but my carer is a catlover and I didn't want to stress her out. At night they all sleep in our bedroom - we have about 8 cats on the bed and 2 dogs (including Monty). The other two lie on each side of us and the third in a basket; collie likes the pssage. They were brought up like that by my sister who had all dogs (and two cats) in her bedroom. She never took Beer to dog training as there were none in their village. He is a lovely dog otherwise apart from this and I really love them all bt it is driving me nuts to have this constant stress hanging over me. Anybody suggest anything? Rehoming is not an option. I promised my sister I would take of her dogs and cat and I will continue to d so.

Thanks a lot guys. I am sure I am going to get flak from some of you!

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01 Jan 0001

Training and Clomicalm should help to a certain extent. Using a DAP vapourizer in the home will give the best result.
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