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19 Apr 2004


My 8 month old has been declared one kg larger than the average baby, she was weighing in at 10.5 at 6 and a half months. Keep in mind that she was already a large baby at birth being 3.9kg.

My questions:

Secondly doc on a more serious note, the paeditrician said that her being overweight might cause her to walk or crawl at a later stage (not sure how if she is ONLY 1kg bigger than the average baby) so her diet at the moment consists of Infasoy 2 bottles at 250 ml each and breast in the am and pm. She has Rice/Maize cereal for breakfast, Veg or Veg and protein for lunch and Veg only or Veg, Protein and a Carb for supper. All the solid food is prepared without oil i.e. mince made with no oil, no spices i.e. salt etc and no sugar. She also has 200ml rooibos tea or 200 ml water a day. She hates these so I have to put a half a teaspoon of sugar to get the water/tea down, she wont have it with apple juice. My question is the above diet ok for her? namely she does not have much carb as i suspect a wheat allergy just potato now and then or rice and mince or skinless chicken as a protein and any and all type of veg. Can i continue to give her such a bland diet right until toddlerhood? do I really have to give her full cream milk at 1yr and full cream yoghurt or can i give her the NO fat alternatives?

Pls advise it is very confusing to hear that children/babies must have the full cream etc whereas the world is in uproar about childhood diabetes, very very confusing indeed.
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Nonu
According to some of the international tables, children of 12 months weigh 9 kg on average, which means your lassie is already heavier than a 12-month-old child. This weight could make her less inclined to crawl and walk, but most babies have their own schedule when it comes to developmental stages, so I would not stress about this. If you click on 'Child' at the top of this page and then on 'Nutrition' you will find the various recommended food and milk intakes for infants. If she is eating relatively large quantities of the meat and veg (1 tablespoon of each would be more than adequate at this stage), then it may be a good idea to reduce her meat intake and rather give her more veggies (lower energy content) and some pureed or mashed fruit. I think you are a most conscientious Mum for breastfeeding her, and making her food and not loading it with fat, spices and sugar. Infants have a totally different approach to taste compared to adults - they prefer bland food and you can certainly go on feeding her a bland diet. I think that your lassie will start losing weight when she becomes more active by crawling and walking, but in the meanwhile it may be a good idea to reduce her portions of solids and to play with her so that she is more active.
The recommendation that infants and children should still use full cream milk is to ensure that they ingest sufficient energy for their needs once they get active. If your child is still overweight when she is a bit older and you change to cow's milk, you could use low-fat milk plus an omega-3 supplement (Salmon oil capsules) until she lose that weight. The theory about cow's milk and childhood/adult diabetes is still being investigated and we don't have a definitive answer as yet.
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