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19 Jan 2006

Dear Doc

Something is giving me hearburn. I think it could be the supplement that I take for Arthritis (Glucosamine etc) as the package insert mentions this, however I must stay on it. What I would like to know is if there are any foods that really help with heartburn instead of the normal Rennies etc? Just chew ginger or what? I take the supplement 3 times per day.

Also I need to increase my intake of vitamin B12, instead of taking a supplement I want to try and eat more of the foods which I did look up on this website, however what quantities could increase it? The sides of the mouth keep cracking even though I take a good multi-vitamin. I eat balanced too, but say what can I eat per day to increase it substantially. What food can I eat daily that is particularly high in B12?

Thank you
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Heartburn
If the heartburn persists you may need to have a medical checkup as this could be a sign of an ulcer that would require more drastic medication than Rennies. I would recommend that you try taking the arthritis supplement before meals and not on an empty stomach. The use of inert solutions such as Ulsanic of Gaviscon (buy from chemist) should not be a problem and you should consider taking one of these antacids. The most important source of vit B12 is liver, followed by other organ meats like kidneys, other red meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Milk and dairy products also contain moderate amounts of vit B12. Plant foods do not contain vit B12. However, if you are not responding to vit B12 supplementation, this is another good reason for having a medical checkup because the absorption of vit B12 is determined by the so-called intrinsic factor which is produced by the stomach and people who develop vit B12 deficiencies when they have an adequate dietary intake, often have a deficiency in intrinsic factor. So my advice is, go for a medical so that the dr can determine what is causing the heartburn and the vit B12 deficiency and give you the correct treatment. It is not always possible to cure all conditions just by dietary manipulation or taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
Take care

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