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19 Sep 2007

Water and Reflux
Hi Dietdoc

I have a couple of questions about water:

Is it more beneficial to drink water slowly throughout the day, or does it have the same effect if you drink your quota in the early morning to kind of get it over with? My friend drinks down 2 litres before 9am and she says that its for the day then.

I have developed Reflux for no reason they can determine other than dietary (had a gastrocopy). I follow the "Foods to avoid on the Acid Reflux Diet" as much as possible and am on the medicaiton Topzole 20 as well. Water gives me terrible heartburn. Is there some reason for this? Its not fizzy.

The other thing is that I was advised to take E.Vogel Multiforce Alkaline powder. Can you stay on this longterm?

I was told that once you have Reflux it never goes away and only medication keeps it under control. Would you agree with this statement or do you think diet alone can reverse and prevent it?

Finally, (sorry more than one question) how much pure water should a person try to drink daily on average? I also drink fruit juice (as allowed on the diet), teas, herbal teas, allowed fruit, soya milk, protein shakes, soups). So does that all count too as water intake or only pure water intake? Is 1 litre of pure water enough as a boost together with other liquids making up say 2 litres per day for an average size person?

Thanks very much Doc
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Watered Down
It is certainly more sensible to drink smaller quantities of water or other liquids throughout the day than to swallow a whole litre at one go. Liquid intake should also be governed by thirst and environmental conditions - one would automatically drink more as the day gets hotter or if you do exercise. I find it strange that you experience heartburn when you drink water as this should actually be diluting the stomach acid that is pushing up in your oesophagus. Are you drinking tap water or bottled water? if bottled, then do try plain tap water instead. Gastric reflux can be caused by oesophageal problems or production of too much stomach acid (induced not only by foods, but also by stress). If you are stressed then do address this problem by seeing a clinical psychologist and doing relaxing exercises like deep breathing and yoga. If some cases acid refulx can be cured by having a hiatus hernia correction, but you don't seem to suffer from a hiatus hernia? You need to have periodic checkups to see if you still need to take medication. As regard E. Vogel's Multiforce Alkaline Powder - this may help as it neutralises the corrosive stomach acid that causes the discomfort in the oesophagus, so you can use it or any other antacids. Adults generally require 2,5 litres of LIQUID a day, some of which can be water, but all the other fluids you list, contribute to our daily intake.
Best regards
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