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03 Dec 2009

Animal shame! - Please read
Hi There,

I would like to make as many people aware of what a certain very popular animal rescue organisisation in this country is really about. This site prevents me from naming them but if you keep up with the news you will know exactly which organisation i am reffering to . I am an animal lover and volunteer my time to various non-profit animal organisations. I will NEVER help or encourage raising funds for this organisation for the reasons below. Below are just a few comments i' ve recieved via email from people i know who do not know each other in response to an email petitioning the organisation. The reason for this is too appeal to the public to make donations to other animal organisations should you wish to help the beloved animals of our country. Help expose this organisation for what they really are. Tell everyone you know. Please feel free to add personel experiences should you have any. We need to make sure that people know the truth.

" When I volunteered at the **** I witnessed a similar disgrace, Four kittens came in they were very little but still had a chance of
survival. Instead of giving a try, they were cremated alive, instead of the humane way being euthanized and then cremated. I since then have never supported the ****, and give as much time and effort to the non profit organizations out there as i can. They are the ones who give animals the life they deserve and really give passion and a chance at survival. I cant, and don' t even want to imagine how many animals are miss treated there... **** needs to be shut down, I can' t wait for this to be aired. It is all money making scheme, they use the sad images of these animals just as a con. Very disgusted!!!! And very saddened." 

" As an animal lover I hate the **** and what they do, they are supposed to rescue underpriledged animals at the very least treat them with care and dignity, but over the years have become merely a pound out to make money, and a place you go to die if you are a furry creature. No respect, no dignity, very little care or chance for hope. Im so glad this is finally coming to light so someone can put a stop to their barbaric ways. Overcrowding and under staffed are not feasible excuses for some of the things they do nor is lack of money" 

" The **** will NEVER take the welfare of animals into consideration -they are run as a business - save a buck wherever they can! This is disgusting - I, however, doubt that anything will be done about this - they know that they can do what they want and ALWAYS get away with it. I run a no-kill
shelter and have asked them if I can assist with taking the kittens due to be euthanized - their answer to me was - " you either pay for them, or they die" . I hope that they get exposed to the whole world." 
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EnviroHealth expert
EnviroHealth expert

01 Jan 0001

Thank you for this information, and for being passionate about animal rights as you clearly are.

You are entitled to name the organisation in question, if you are confient you can back up your allegations i.e. they're not just hearsay. When making criticisms, it's also best to use your own name, but that is of course your choice.
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