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03 Oct 2008

Help please
Hi there, I hope you can help me!

My bf adn I are going camping with his friends for new year. Now the problem is,I wont say I am fat, but I am also not thin, I have a few kilo' s that is to much.

My bf friends girlfriends are al these skinny (to skinny actualy) girls and it always feel asif they are laughing at me behind my back. My bf tells me that i should not warry about it because he liks me just the way I am, and I think I am not that bad, but if I am around them, I am verry insecure!

Can you please advice on some excersices I can do to make me feel and look a bit better?
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01 Jan 0001

HI there

First of all, try not to worry about what others are saying - I know this is easier said than done, and probably very difficult - it's not a switch you can just flick and make the problem go away, but really, you shouldn't burden yourself with the thoughts or opinions of others!

As for exercise, I think that you should certainly look at getting more active, mostly for the health benefits it offers. Losing weight by exercise depends on many factors. First, there is diet, and I can't emphasize strongly enough how important diet is. You can train all you want but if you don't also eat very well, you won't lose weight, and so I encourage you to see a dietician or find a good diet if you are serious.

As far as exercise goes, it is the cardio training, like cycling, running, stepping, aerobics, walking etc. that is most helpful in losing weight. All these activities cause heart rate to go up, and are increasing your body's metabolic rate, which ultimately causes you to lose weight by burning more fat (again, assuming you are also eating well). So I would say you should continue with what you are doing, keep focussed on the cardio. I think that 4 times a week is the minimum you should aim to exercise, five is probably the ideal number, but four is fine too. The intensity you train is also very important. A lot of times, people train a little too easy, perhaps. I am not saying you should go out and push super hard and exhaust yourself every day, but stepping up the intensity once or twice a week is certainly a good thing. You should aim for a total of 45 minutes or so (anything between 30 and 50 minutes is a good average), and you should finish each session feeling tired, but not exhausted. If you do that, and you eat well, then you should lose weight.

The goal, however, should be to get fitter. If you want something that is guaranteed to make you FEEL better, it's fitness. So focus on fitness, and you'll see that in no time, you're feeling more energetic, confident and in control, and the rest will take care of itself!

Finally, the weight training is also beneficial, though it has a different effect - by doing weight training, you increase your muscle mass, and that means that you body's metabolic rate is lifted. The effect of this is that once you begin to lose weight, you keep it off more than you would by simply dieting. So it is important to do some resistance training, though one or two sessions a week is plenty for the goals of fitness and weight loss.

So just keep it up, give it a few months to work - remember, you have to be consistent, one month of training, one month resting is not really that effective, it should be a steady training period over many months to really see great results.

Good luck
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