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08 Feb 2013

Baby Mama No4, and counting
So, my ex decides to contact me after over two years, telling me that he regrets everyday that he ever let me go. I was the one, and his hopes and dreams have me in them - having a families, making babies, etc, that I''m the only chick who understood him and he was completely at home with. He asks that we at least be friends, which I say " no problem" .

A week later of the new friendship, he shares to me that his on-and off girlfriend just found out that she is pregnant. This complicates his life cause they are off again. But they are happy about the baby, though he doen''t know about them.

She is baby-mama no4! I advise him to marry her or something, cause there''s just too many baby-mamas! His response: "  Cheers to this one! But, I''m not gonna stop until I also break your eggs!" 

I''m glad am the one who got away!

NB: Ladies, please lets have kids because we want to, not because a guy said this and that. Babies don''t make relationships work or bring people close together. When you have unprotected sex, be prepared of the 50/50 chance of falling pregnant, and have a plan as to how you''d handle it if it happend.
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