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21 Jan 2013

bith story
I went for my 38week appointment on Dec 6.... Gyne told us our baby boy is to big for normal delivery at 40 weeks. Either a c-sec or induction the next week.
Yes - she also told us the gender by mistake.
Ons was teleurgesteld. Wou nie die geslag weet nie! Wou graag die middel van die nag oor rooi ligte hospitaal toe jaag-ding doen!!
EN - albei van ons was n bietjie terleurgesteld, want as dit n dogtertjie was sou daar dalk nog n baba gewees het. (nou het ek my hoop op n laatlam oor so 5 jaar)

At that stage builders were just finishing up with some alteraions at our home. I washed baby''s clotes that Friday &  Monday - Saterday and Sunday we moved furniture and hanged the curtains in his room..... our study had became a babyroom in 4 days!
I had very little sleep. We told our parents over the weekend about baby arriving early (kept gender as a surprize)
MIL was asked top sleep over for LG while I am in hospital.

Tuesday morning just after 12 we booked into hospital for the induction to be started. I this would not work, a c-sec would be done that evening. I did not want a c-sec. (induction were started around 3am)

7:30am gyne came to look in on me - she said feels something.
Just before 8am I felt a slight cramplike feeling and I knew baby would be born before 12.

Contractions got real bad - much worse than with LG. Apperantly it was a new kind of induction. Something they put in, can move around and even have to remove again. Its releasing something the whole time, but can overstimulate you.
(Meer pyne as wat nodig is, maar dit is net seer geen negatiewe effek op baba nie)

I am sure I was over stimulated. About an hour before birth I had 6 to 7 contractions in 10 minutes. No time between contractions. Soon as one is slowing down the next would start. Then they had to remove the device - that was more painfull than both my deliveries together.

Gyne was in teater with c-sec''s and I was sure she will not be with me in time. (I gave my first push before she arrived) The sister was runing around calling doc and another sister to help her if doc is not in time and I feared hubby will have to deliver baby on his own....

So, with the first push babys head came out and gyne said to wait a bit as the cord was around his neck one time. Next push and he was out. Perfectly healthy. He was born 11:30am.

We were discharged the next morning.

I had a small tear but not nearly as bad as with LG.
Breastfeeding came naturly, but I breastfed LG for 11 months, so that was expected.

LB was 54cm and 3,92kg at birth. We weighed him at 4 weeks: 58cm and 5,17kg..... and he has grown taller for sure and I wont be surprised if he is 6kg already!!

(6weeks tomorrow)

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