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06 Oct 2006

Headache that has lasted 3 months
I am a 25 year old female and I have been suffering for over 3 months with a headache that seems to start just behind my eye and stretches in a thick band across my temple and all the way to the back of my head - the pain is sharp and excruciating - almost like a migrane. It comes on suddenly then stays for hours then dissappears for an hour or tow and then returns in full force.

I also get dizzy - I will be fine and then all of a sudden I will have to hold onto something or sit down.

I also get nauseas often and Ive lost my appetite.

A few people have also commented that during these headaches my lips and the area around my lips starts turning blue as if I am not getting any oxygen although I dont feel short of breath at all at the time

At frist I thought I had a tension headache (I have a very stressful job and even suffered from panic attacks for a while) But it happens on the weekends as well.

I am not pregnant, I am on the pill (Diane35) and have been told that this could be the cause of the headaches - but Im not so sure about that!

Please help
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headache expert

01 Jan 0001

Dear Shelley,

All the symptoms that you have described occur with migraine, and most of them with tension headache. The pill does sometimes make headaches worse, but in others it either has no effect or it improves the headache. Because of the various causes and influencing factors in headaches and migraine, it can be quite difficult to unravel the web of causes.

To get to the root of the problem, you need what is called a “multidisciplinary assessment”. There are so many different structures in the head and neck, all of which can be involved in the headache process, that no single specialist can have all the knowledge necessary to make a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis. For instance, a neurologist will examine the brain and nervous system, a physiotherapist will look at the muscles, a dentist will examine the teeth etc. For this reason, the “multidisciplinary assessment” combines and integrates the expertise of different specialists who would normally treat headache patients in isolation, into a single more comprehensive body of knowledge. This assessment must include a thorough examination of the head and neck muscles to determine the presence of abnormal tension. This enables the different members of the team to provide a co-ordinated treatment plan, so that all the contributing factors are addressed.

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