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27 Jul 2007

3 year old speech delay..?? PLEASE help
I was referred by my GP to take my 3 year old son to a ENT because of enlarged tonsils - The ENT saw him and said that in his oppinion we should monitor my child for 6 months and if he does not have any further problems it would not be necessary for a Tonsilectomy. While at his practice I mentioned that I was concerned with my sons pronunciation of words - He would hear (one of his toys say the word Rainbow and he seems to repeat it as Nemo) The ENT said that it could do no harm to do a hearing test - we saw the Audiologist and my sons hearing test indicated that there was no hearing problem although the Audiologist mentioned that we may want to take him to a Speech Therapist or OT or both. Today I received a call from the ENT where he raised concernes that my son did not make eye contact with him during the examination and also that he did not respond when talked to (he has never been to this or any ENT before)... he suggested we take him to the Peadiatrician to be assessed as to what steps should be taken further.. Speech therapy or OT.

I am not sure what to do as my Medical aid does not cover these costs. I cannot afford to send him from one specialist to the next.
Also, my husband does not agree with the specialist - my son is a very healthy active little boy and I do not want to have him going though unessesary test etc if there is nothing wrong. He makes three word sentences - mostly gestures to what he wants, but if prompted will verbalise his needs. He sings full nursery rhymes (does not pronounce all the words perfectly - but you can make out what he is saying) and he reacts to the actions the nursery rhymes suggest - claps hands when prompted etc...and counts clearly to ten. What should I do... I am a stay at home mom and he will have to go to Pre-primary next year .. I do not want him to be disadvantaged in any way, but also do not want to send him to specialists if his development is not REALY a problem... PLEASE HELP I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO
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01 Jan 0001

Enlarged tonsils that are not causing obstruction to breathing and are not constantly infected do not need to be removed.Your son sounds very normal to me. He can hear well and is a happy little boy who, besides some minor problems with his speech, seems perfectly normal to me.Many little boys of his age take a bit longer with their speech development especially when compared to girls of the same age.If he is due to go to school next year and his speech is still of concern, the best person to see about this is a speech therapist. He does not need to see any other specialist or OT etc.
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