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29 Jan 2010

poop problem
Good day to you from the other side of the world,

My 2 year and eleven month old daughter, who is fully potty trained, refuses to poop, she will hold it in for days on end, it will even go up to ten or fourteen days, where she holds it in. we begin to panic at this stage and proceed to give her an enema, which forces her to go.Whilst on the toilet, she will scream from pain, saying that she feels pain in her vaginal area. we have totally fixed up her diet, in case it was not adequate, she has been eating very well, including prunes, kiwi whole grain cereals, water, fresh juices etc, these foods make my tummy run, but yet my daughter will still not go, we also give her 10 mls per day of Dufalack, which was recommended by our paed, to soften the poop, My worry is that this has been going on for months now, and yes I believe it was caused by one poop that was passes, which perhaps hurt her.
what must I do? do I just carry on feeding her these correct foods and just leave it until she cant possibly hold it in anymore, and perhaps after about 14 days she may pass a stool? im sure this is very dangerous. I am also very concerned about the vaginal pain she feels when she gets the urge to go, Do you think she may have a stool which is stuck, and that when we give her the enema the more recent stools come out and that old one remains there......Im sorry, I do not know what to do, and here where we live, I do not feel as though I am at I professional person. I just need correct advise, bearing in mild that her diet is excellent and full of the correct foods at the moment, as I researched this. I am begining to think that maybe there is a possibility that something else is wrong
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01 Jan 0001

There are at least two issues here. The first is that your daughter is still young and the second is that at some stage she passed a constipated stool which caused her lots of pain and possibly even some tearing of her anus.This has frightened her off passing stools. The vaginal pain she complains about is in fact pain in her anus when she passes a stool.You need to try to take the pressure off her a bit by giving her a break from looking and waiting for her to pass a stool and should stop using enemas. Only use a paediatric glycerine suppository if you think she has gone too long without passing a stool.Her diet seems to be be very good. Duphalac liquid is a safe stool softener but you are giving her too low a dose; the correct dose is 5ml twice daily. If she does not improve it is important for a paediatrician to check her to be sure that she does not have an anal tear. This will need additional treatment.
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