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02 Dec 2005

14 yr old in need of training plan pls
I am a 14 year old girl and am very interested in running ( i am a beginner) I have been on to the internet and tried to look for diet plans but none of them are right for me they either have supplements in them ( I am not allowed to use them) or they are for expert runners please can you put together and eating plan for me even if it is just an idea of what i should be eating I am really desperate because I would like to do a very big event with my cousin next year. ( i am over wieght)
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01 Jan 0001

HI Mandy

I'm absolutely against the idea of training programmes for you when you are so young. I really think it's not a good idea to be on a structured programme. Exercise is great, yes, but you have to be flexible and find a way to break out of a routine of exercise. And as for diet plans, I think that you should ask Diet Doc for her advice. I think that diet is very important, but for the type of diet you are looking for, you need to actually meet and speak with someone. Taking just any diet on the internet is a risky business, and you can get into some trouble this way, because you are a unique case. For one thing you are young, another, female. Third, you want to eat in such a way to help your running. Finally, there must be foods that you like and don't like, so it's really important that you don't just follow a general programme, but get one that is specific for you. So speak to your mom about maybe seeing a dietician some time - she will also benefit because she will know that you are being given healthy food to eat.

Now, as for running, I think it's great that you want to run, but I must warn against running too much. I have seen far too many teenage athletes run well and often when young, and by the age of 20, they are over running and completely inactive. So take your time, you have years ahead of you, and I would say that 3 days a week of structured running is all you should do at the moment. Next year, you can go up to 4 days a week, but just take it easy. You will be able to achieve success on just 3 days a week right now, provided that on the other 3 days you are still active. Don't sit around watching TV, go for walks, play a school sport like hockey, and this will also make you into a fitter person. But don't just leap into a programme that is not right for you.

GOod luck
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