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01 Mar 2013

Any complications with Spondylolysis in L5 and a vaginal birth?
This was done in 2005 and I am now about to deliver my baby, hopefully vaginally without any pain relief, are there any complications with this? eg: is there possibility of being paralysed due to a vaginal birth? Will it make birth even more painful than normal? Other comments on the report are: There is spondylolysis of the L5 pars interarticularis with associated grade 1 spondylolisthesis which appears to reduce marginally in flexion but is unchanged between neutral and extension positions. There is depression of some of the lumbar vertebral endplate in the position of the embryo logical notochord regarded as an anatomic variant. The vertebral elements, alignment and disc spaces appear otherwise normal. There is incidental non fusion of the posterior arch of S1. This is all French to me and have no idea what it all means, my gynae said it would be very difficult for me to have an epidural because of this, is this true?