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16 Jul 2013

Boss's wife hates my guts
Morning, I do the Finances here as well as wages and salaries, she has however taken over the granting of leave as by doing so she can check up on me. She is very lenient towards others for example last week one lady had 3 days off due to being ill and she did not have sick leave left so she said we will give it to her as Family Responsibility Leave then at least its not unpaid. Today I asked for my last family responsibility day as a friend of mine had died. She then said NO, the Basic Conditions of Employment clearly state ......NOT FRIENDS. I feel like taking a day for a "sick child" as thats allowed under the Basic conditions yet i also feel to confront her but I know then the poor boss will get it at home and she won't talk to me for months because I dared showed her she is wrong...... How do I handle this? Make her deny the leave on a leave form, then go to the CCMA? As she is being vindictive towards me. Also if i am off on a monday or a friday i need a doctor's note yet when anyone she likes is just a sick leave form is good enough. I cannot talk to her she is very emotional, touchy and sensitive. Last time the boss chose my side she told him in front of me "we will see about this at home"
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