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10 Apr 2013

Breathing after exercise
Good day Fitness Doc, I have recently taken up jogging and have once again hit the gym (resistance training). This new regime I started 6 weeks ago and it is going GREAT for me. I have 2 questions though that now concern my health: 1. I notice that some days after training in the morning, I feel like flu-like symptoms - body aches and pains, not muscular as such, but just a general feeling of achiness all over my body. What could this be as its kind of affecting the rest of my day ?? 2. Breathing: I have absolutely no difficulty with breathing DURING any form of exercise or exersion. I must tell you that I am a smoker though. Afterwards seems to be the problem, although what I perceive to be a potencial problem. I have noticed that when I breath in hot steam or cold air (as today has been very cold), my throat seems to close up and I have little coughs. Its not a feeling in my lungs, but more of the passage down from the throat in a straight line down. Thank you Kind regards,