Ask an expert

28 Jun 2013

Can you please advise me on natural ways to get a full night's sleep. I don't like pills and I can't afford to go to a sleep doctor. This has been going on since 2006 and I'm just so tired, I wake up a 3-4 times at night.
The reasons for the sleep disturbances differ every night e.g. The day before yesterday it was my bladder I swear I got up 6 times, last night I woke up 3 times for no reason other times I wake up choking on air or its nightmares and going back to sleep is always a problem. I've tried sleeping early, power naps in the afternoon, reading till I past out nothing helps and the problem is I'm tired and I find it hard to get out out of bed. I've also noticed my concetration is weak and I tend to forget words I know I know, also things that require concetration make me sleepy. Something that may or may not be relevant I've had family and friends who've commented I sometimes 'stop breathing'. Apparently sometimes I snore then all of a sudden I stop and I also stop moving-i had a friend who once woke me up in a frenzy cause she thought I'd died in my sleep. Very rarelly I'll have a full night's sleeps. What disturbs me the most is that I sometimes lose chunks of times, its quite distressing. I could be watching tv then all of a sudden I zonk out for like a minute or two but it always feels like I lost a great deal of time other times I find myself waking up, but this doesn't happen very often and when it does I feel well rested it just bothers me losing time without realising it.