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21 Apr 2017

Deep partial thickness circumferential burn to the ankle caused damage to peroneal nerve, what should I expect and what can I do?
A month ago, I stepped into scalding water causing deep partial thickness burns to my ankle and I believe it burned my peroneal nerve. I have issues from the top of the burn up to my knee on the outside of my leg (where the calf meets the shin) and at the bottom of the burn area on the 3 toes on the inside where at any moment it can have decreased sensitivity, burning, pins and needles or itch and I cannot lift my big toe. The doctor I have been seeing has not been focusing on anything but the burn itself which is getting dressed daily with silvadene, and minor physical therapy. I've heard that peripheral nerves CAN heal on their own, but can take up to 3 years, so here's hoping that's the case, but the only pain management i've been on since this occurred was 600mg Ibuprofen for the swelling 3 times a day and 1000mg Acetaminophen for pain as needed, neither of which seem to do much to help with the constant irritation from the nerve. I'm not sure what I should tell the doctor or if there is even anything they can do about it, because whenever I bring up any issue of numbness or nerve damage, they seem to just brush it off. Are there any specific things I should ask or is there even anything that can be done about it from a medical standpoint other than the good old "wait and see" and "get over it" in terms of the irritation?