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27 Jun 2013

German Shepard Chow Chow mix temperment
Hi there We just got a German Shepard cross chow chow Mom is an all white German Shepard, Dad is a Cinnamon coloured pure bred Chow Chow. Our puppy came out pure black (Apparently the daddy dogs daddy was a black chow chow) I was wondering is this breed going to be more aggressive than most? Everyone is telling us we made a mistake getting him because we have a 2 year old toddler and they say this dog is agressive and attacks unprovoked and is bad with kids?! He is 8 weeks and we are taking him to puppy school as of next week. I am a firm beleiver in dog pack mentality and I have been training the dog already to respect us by letting us walk through doors, letting us all eat first, not jumping up, taking food with soft mouth etc. and he has been such a wonderful, quick learning and gentle little thing. Is there anything I should know about this breed? Is it agressive? Can I train it not to be?