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20 May 2013

How can I put on weight healthily, but not too slowly?
Hi, I am 16 years old and I am currently a student at school. My height is approximately 6ft and I weigh approximately 61kg. I can be considered as a 'hardgainer' since I do not put on weight that easily. However, in January/February I was eating more than usual - a lot of starch; pasta and rice. At the same time, I was going to gym, although no cardio was involved in my exercise. Before my eating and gyming in Jan/Feb I weighed about 57 - so I put on 4Kg in this time period. I feel that a lot of this weight was fat, as i gained a substantial amount of fat in the region below my belly button. I would appreciate advice as to how I could put on weight healthily, but not too slowly. Also, is it possible to lose my belly fat whilst simultaneously gaining non-fat mass? Ultimately, my goal is to weigh 70kg at year end.