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05 Jan 2017

Near fatal accident recovery time
A little over two years ago I had very bad car accident. I hit a tree head on and ended up with a collapsed left lung, broken ribs, a dissected right coronary artery (possibly cause of accident and a broken right femur. I had to be put on ECMO for 2 weeks with constant dialysis for almost 3 weeks. My recovery has been exceptional. Prior to my one year anniversary of the accident I had a stress echo and was able to reach 93% of my total hear volume. Technically I am "healed" but I do not have a fraction of the strength or stamina I had prior to the accident. My husband gives me grief about the amount of time I sleep. Sometimes it's 10 or 11 hours. I have tried to get him to understand that this is going to take years to rebound. All he sees and hears from my doctors is "your body had healed itself remarkably." While that is true it sure is not what it once was. I was 47 when this happened and was in really good shape when this happened with no prior heart problems. My heart cath showed very little plaque so they were really perplexed about what had happened. At any rate, with all that being said, how do I get my husband to understand that this is not something that I just need to pull up my big girl pants and tough through?
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