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13 May 2013

How to introduce cats and dogs
Hi there, having suffered some financial sets backs, my family has decided to go rent a place and live as one big happy family. We all have pets- my mother has two very badly behaved dogs (which we will sort out once we are living with her), my sister has two better behaved dogs (who have lived with cats) and I have two cats, two birds and a dog (they all get along fine, I can leave them all unattended and no one will eat anyone else). I am very concerned though about when we live together- how my mothers dogs will act with my cats. As I said, they are badly behaved (we used to take them to the park to try socialize them, however her one dog slipped out of her collar and attacked another dog. She stopped and ran back when we shouted at her though, but we have not taken her to the park near other dogs since). They just bark and growl at any unfamiliar dog and cat. Now all the dogs get on fine, they have play dates with each other and such. I am just so worried that my mothers dogs will attack and kill my cats (my one cat is fat and lazy and isn't scared of dogs, and my other cat was a stray so she is extremely skittish even though she has been with us for over a year). How would one introduce my mothers dogs to my cats? Is there a good website or something you can introduce me too? Thanks.