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27 Nov 2013

I am not straight. I am not gay. And I don't think I'm bi. Am I alone? Is there help?
I've asked this question a while ago on here, but it was never answered. I only got one negative comment. The problem is very real, so I'm asking it again. I am a young male in my twenties with a very difficult problem. I find women very attractive and arousing. Playing with their breasts, kissing them and caressing them all feels very natural, but I cannot get myself to have sex with woman - I get turned off by a vagina. On the other hand, I also find men attractive. While the idea of loving another man is a turn-off, seeing and playing with another man's penis is a turn-on. I especially like the game-play to get into a man's pants, to find out what his penis looks like (maybe compared to mine?). Is he well hung? Big balls? Circumcised? However, that's also where it stops, anal sex with a man (or woman) does not appeal to me. Why am I not normal? Do other people have the same problem? What can I do to change this? Can I change it at all?