Ask an expert

24 Apr 2013

I have a big lump/bump on the right side of my labia, I believe that it is some sort of a cyst. I went to see a doctor two days ago and she agrees with me but I would need a second opinion as she said it was a meibomian cyst and that is usually has
to do with the eyes. I do not have medical aid so going to different doctors would cost me an arm and leg. This bump gets swollen especially after sex and painful when I sit or even walk at times. It does not have a smell or any pass but could be very painful at times. My worry is that if it is cyst,where one get go to have it removed without costing a lot of money,with the poor services that our state hospital may wait at least another 3-4 months before getting an oppointment with a surgen. I need this gone as soon as possible. I am based in Cape Town,South Africa in Gordons Bay. Any suggestion on where to go or funding for such in this country? Your help would be appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read this.