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07 Apr 2017

I have volstruisvoete
Hi there I was born with bad feet apparently. I once walked on one of those electronic mapping things and the technician said to my mom he doesn't know how I walk. Saw a foot surgeon, prescribed orthotics, gave me exercises. He didn't want to operate as I have severe asthma & am on cortisone. They said I have incredibly high arches, metatarsal loading & plantar faschiitis. I was slim then. Fast Forward, years later. Menopause. I am overweight (20kg). I am also tall 1.76m female. My feet have always hurt. My mom actually apologised to me because I used to tell her every shoe hurts me. She once lost it when we were in the shoe shop before the mapping. So I don't wear the orthotics anymore as they said I don't have to. It is the pads of my feet that have gone haywire. My toes feel as if they are attached to the pads (but I think the pads are higher, puffy, seem overgrown, thick and touching the backs of my toes). Bad when I wake up. They also tingle. I take Antistax for my restless feet, it works. The toe on my right foot has separated from the other 3 on it's left and lies right next to the small toe. So there's a significant gap there. I saw a physician for asthma last week and he gave me Trepiline for neuralgia which he says is from my neck down into the backs of my heels. Right now I cannot afford expensive doctors or foot surgeons or podiatrists as I have medical aid but the MSA is up and I lost my job last year. What do you think of all this? I do battle with shoes, always have, so I wear slops from the men's dept that have thick soles (buffer) and are sturdy not delicate & loose. I know it is bad but otherwise I have severe pain. I also have such thick and cracked heels. I file them daily and cream them with a rich cream prescribed by my GP. If I miss a day they crack. Does this tragic story tell you anything? Thank you for your time.
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