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14 May 2013

Is this the end
Hi Cybie I need some advice, my marriage is struggling and I suspect my husband is suffering from bipolar. The signs always been there but the last few years its just becoming worse. His always struggled to sleep at night, his mind is always racing, he only goes to bed at 2:30 every evening and sleep late in the mornings. He works for himself cause he struggled to work as an employee. He is not interested in forming relationships with family and other people. He gets irritated so quickly. His always right. The biggest problem is his mood swings, he can really just snap and lose his temper at a flip of a coin, this gets worse when he drinks. This really really scares me. Often tells me its cause I push him to the limit. We havent been intimate in awhile, due to my past abuse its really difficult for me to go there when i feel so scared of him as well. His mother, cousin and uncle all suffer from bipolar and his mother thinks his rapid moods are also link to bipolar. I am also to blame. I just dont know what to do? I use to suffer badly from depression but now with our little daughter in the picture, I do not let myself go there anymore, I have to be together for her and strong. What realy really scares me is that my husband told me twice in this week that he feels stuck in the situation with me and that I am going to drive him to commit suicide. If his in a manic depression low he might just do it. Lately everything thats wrong is blamed on me. I feel I can do nothing right, I often tell him I am amazed that I still have any self esteem the way he carries on.
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