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27 May 2013

Pain in bones
HI, I am not sure who i need to speak to about this but asking you is a start. For the last 3 weeks I have found that every night just as I go lie down to sleep I get a pain in my left arm and leg. The pain is as if my arm goes cold but its not to the touch and the pain is like a stabbing pain coming from my elbow. At first I though its my mild arthiritis but why only when I go to sleep. My knee does not feel cold just the pain in the middle of my knee. The Pain itself feels like a sharp pain coming from inside my bones in my elbow and knee. Once it was severe enough to bring me close to tears. It seems to help if I put a warm water bottle on it but it only lasts for 10 mins then its back. Today is the first time that I have that pain in my knee while sitting at work. I used to get knee pain but it went away once I put a knee brace on and it was only during the winter time so when I went to a doc he told me its arthiritis. I am on meds for hypertension so at first I though I might be having a mild heart attack (when my arm went numb, cold and had the pain) but because it went away when I got up I assumed its not that. I am 34 years old. Should I go see a doc and if so then which one do I go see? Do you have any idea what this might be or
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