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30 Apr 2013

Relationship advice
Dear Doctor I am 24 and in a relationship with a 30 year old man. We havebeen dating for 5 months now, and i am not sure if i am being insecure or not. He has a 7 year old child with his ex girlfriend, however they are not together anymore and he was honest about that from the beggining. He is honest and i believe him but i still have my doubts. The problem is his phone, he sometimes does not answer calls and does not get back to me. I have spoken to him about it but i do not see any change. I hardly see him due to his tight schedule at work and due to the fact that he also stays with his child. It frustrates me sometimes if i cannot get a hold of him and i dont hink he understands how i feel. Am i being paranoid? Please help Kind regards