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10 May 2013

Toddler speach and development
We have a little boy who will be turning two in a month. I am worried about him as he doesn’t say more than a few words. He mumbles a lot, but very few actual words. He is a very bright boy and can do the most amazing things and understand when you speak to him. He is not at a day care or crèche and I think this might be the problem, he doesn’t get enough stimulation. The problem is just that my husband refuses to have him go to any preschool while he still can’t talk as he says he wants our little boy to tell him if something is wrong or if he is unhappy. I can totally understand where he is coming from, but I don’t want our child to fall behind because of this. What is the best thing to do in this situation? When should a child be going to a crèche? I am not sure if you are the correct person to speak to, but there is a child and teen expert, but no baby or toddler expert. Thank you.