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09 Jun 2013

Use of Risperidone, Truvalin and Mirteron
My wife was in hospital for 7 weeks (ICU). Treated for pneumonia. She went into shock and was on Dormicum and morfine and other drugs to sedate her. Picked up MRSA and another bug whilst under teatment. Colistin was used. Struggled to oxegenate my wife (had to do Trache). She was a smoker and suffers from multiple pain problems and overused codien pain medication. Now on aboe meds and feeling misrable. Was on Epilim, Lipitor, Zildem plus Illovex meds before - all taken away. She is very anxious towards evening. Experiences strange muscle spasms/stiffness in legs. Also nose block going to the throat area causing further anxiety. She was also diagnosed with leaking heart valves (36% heart output). We are concerned that the meds she now takes is for bipolar/schizophrenis disoders and is not related or a good carry over from prevoius meds. She also had 3 stents 10 years ago.