Ask an expert

23 Jul 2013

What could it possibly be?
Hi, my name is Treasure and I'm 21 years old. A while ago, I noticed a pain on my left boob. I obviously ignored it, but then I started getting it often, too often. I've been making excuses for it like maybe its the way I'm sitting or lying down. Lately, however, its very hard to ignore 'cause its not just my left boob, but also just below it & it usually hits me when I breath in unexpectedly. The other reason I can't ignore it anymore is that, the pain is moving to my upper back as well. It goes when I lie down, but when I stand, its so severe to the point where standing up straight is a hustle. I can't even yawn 'cause it hurts so badly. I still find myself making excuses like maybe I pulled a muscle when dancing or something. Ur probably thinking that I should go for a check up, but for me, its not that simple. My mom doesn't have money, so what if it really is just nothing. I don't want to waste her money 'cause she's been struggling a lot lately. She has so much on her plate. I think what I'm really asking here is what are the chances of this being more serious than I think. I don't know... I think that makes sense.