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22 Jul 2013

Your rights when disclosing confidential info to boss
Just wanted to know if you as employee suspect that one of your fellow employees may be defrauding/stealing from the boss due to you knowing them and the spending habits outside of work and you disclose these suspicions to the boss and try to tell him to get concrete proof (via hidden cameras or doing behind the scene investigations) since you are not able to (the company does not count stock and the systems in place are not great since owner trust the person in question - owner not there but based elsewhere) give him the heads up but admit to not having proof but are very sure of this and also ask him more than once to keep this it fair labour practice for the boss to tell the person that he has been told that they are stealing what"s the deal...believing that person and NOT doing a thorough investigation. This then makes it impossible for the "Whistleblower" to continue working there due to the fact that there are many family members of that employee also working there (which is just one example of the loopholes in this business). you left with no choice but to leave - betrayed by the owner and your only motive was to help him....and now you are being sued by the person for defamation of character...what to do now! Ps help
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