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28 Oct 2009

Alchoholic Mom

My mom has had a dinking problem for about 10 years now.
She drinks quite heavy and in secret - finishing a bottle of Vodka that she drinks clean in about a day. And we constantly find hidden bottles in the house and in her cupboard.

She usually will drink up to the point where she passes out at night. And starts as early as 9am in the morning again.

She moved away to live with a new boyfriend about six months, so is no longer living with us (fortunately my sister and I are both over 18 now). But during this time she has lost her job and is looking worse everytime we see her.
She no longer cares about her appearance and does not clean or look after the house she is living in. She is now living and looking like someone that we dont know as before she was successful and took great pride in her appearance.

She also calls us constantly saying that she is ending her life and cant go on - always only when she is drunk.

We have tried our best to help her - she has been admitted to a government hospital twice to be " dried out"  but she has never followed up with cousnselling and usually is drinking within a week again.

When we confront about her drinking - she laughs it off and thinks it is funny.

Please could you give me advice on how to help her, I know she needs to find it on her own but I am scared she only realises this too late.

Thanks so much for your time

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01 Jan 0001

The starting point is realise that you are not alone,Candy. The tragic thing is that addiction to alcohol and other substances affects millions of South African, and that for each addict/alcohlic, a minimum of 7 people suffer along with the, just like you are.

Treatment is available for your mother, and she has as much chance as anyone to recover. What she needs is the right kind of treatment. Unfortunately, government hospitals, with the best of intentions, are not specialised in treating alcoholism; treatment must me ongoing and supported.

Harmony Addictions Clinic bases its treatment on the Hazelden Model, recognised universally as the most effective model of treatment for addictive disorders in the world. we regularly fly to the States to workshop with them around bringing this model to South Africa. A key part of treatment is the introduction to support groups which the individual needs to attend on an ongoing basis.

It is never easy to confront an alcoholic and get them into treatment. Some may kick and scream and yet secretly they've been waiting for help for a very long time! Others may refuse outright. what you need is professional guidance and possible assistance in getting your mother into treatment.

Harmony Addictions Clinic offers free consultations to people concerned about someoné's addiction problem, and if necessary, we offer an interventions service as well, which is structured
confrontation of the addict, with a choice options. This is guided by a counsellor with family and friends present.

This approach has proven very effective, and our specialists recently returned from further training in the States and use the most effective techniques as a result.

Call us on 021 790 7779 to find out how we can help. Ask for Nicholas

Nicholas McDiarmid
Director of Admissions
Harmony Addictions Clinic
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