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24 Jan 2013

Allergic induced asthma
My 5 year old son has a dust allergy which causes a continuous post nasal drip. This results in coughing for up to an hour at a time at 23h30 and 04h00 every night. Our doctor hesitatingly diagnosed him as asthmatic. He has been treated with homeopathic medicine, which has reduced the length of his coughing fits, but not eliminated them. We''ve put special anti-dust mite line on his bed, and he takes dust desensitizer daily. During the school holidays he stopped coughing altogether, but started again within 2 days of being at school. I think he is allergic to the plane trees that surround the school. How can I do my own muscle testing with him to determine the actual cause of his post nasal drip and asthma?