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15 Jan 2013

@ Amy

sorry for the late reply, been rather busy at home.

Things are going really well this side! LB seems to be settling into a nice routine - well nice for him, not so much for me, haha.

He''s still feeding every 3 to 4 hours and currently taking in 125ml per feed. He''s growing beautifully! At 3 weeks he had already picked up 1kg, and he''s already so sturdy when I pick him up. Think he''s gonna be a big boy :-) Still battling with the sleeping although it''s not too bad. He has a bottle at about 10 / 11pm, then again at about 3am, and everythying thereafter is a battle - his sleep is very broken. Every hour he''s wake up and fuss a little, almost like he''s now finished to sleep. And then my LG gets up at 05h00am, so you can imagine! He doesn''t sleep as much during the day as I expected him to. From the time take he wakes up he only naps for the first time again at around 10am, and for a short while! Then after his midday bottle he''ll have a nice long nap of about 2 to 3 hours, and that''s about the only time I get to breath! Then I have to cook for supper, tidy the house, and whatever else needs to be done! Once hubby and LG get home at 5pm then it''s round 2...

But other than that he''s such a good baby! Still doesnt fuss much. BUT SPOILT!!!!!!!!!!!! Only wants to be in the arms, just like your LB. Throws such a tantrum if I put him down!!! Annoys me sometime, but then I keep reminding myself that this is my last baby so I must just enjoy it while it lasts :-( So I''m just trying to take in all the little moments before he''s just as feisty as his big sister, lol!!!

I''m not breastfeeding at all. He was on Infacare but I found that it wasnt filling enough and he was feeding bigger bottles, and he didnt last too long between feeds. So I changed him to Nan and he seems a little more comfortable with it. He manages 4 hours between feeds, although I dont want to push him so we''ve kinda settled on 3 hourly for now. After 6 weeks I''ll move to 4 hourly.

Okay enough of me. How are you doing? How are the kiddies? LG still enjoying school? What formula is LB on, or are you breastfeeding?

Have you heard from Annie by any chance?

Also, have you started your period yet? I started bleeding quite heavy on Saturday and I thought something was wrong, cause apparently it''s too soon for my period to come. So I called my gynea and she thinks its my period. She prescribed some tablets for me to help reduce the bleeding because ut was VERY heavy!!! It seems to have helped a little, but I''m still bleeding. But I''m not sick or anything and that is apparently the first sign if something is wrong.

Anyway, chat soon xxx