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17 Aug 2010

Ankle and Girfriend :)
Hi Dr. Hope all is well :)
Got 2 questions on the following, was hoping you could help out, would appreciate it greatly.
1: I love mountain biking, about 4 months ago I got back on the bike, after almost 4 years from riding, I seamed to have hurt my " tendon"  in my left leg. It feels uncomfortable at the back of the foot where the tendon joins my heal. It feels almost like a itchy pressing feeling. After this happed , I took a break for 3 months-I got back on the bike yesterday , and the pain is back a little.I have poor flexibility and I am not very good at all when it comes to touching my toes. I am scared I caused permanent damage?

2: This question is totality of topic, but Its not everyday I get to talk to a Doc, so I thought I would give it a go. I have been dating my wonderful amazing Girlfriend for close to 2 years and 6 months. we are both in our 20''s. After about a 18months things went to a more serious regarding events in the bedroom. We sat down and both agreed that Birth Control is a must. In the form of physical barriers such as condoms and Contraceptives for her.She tried Yasmin-but she battled to control her moods, Happily we found something that does work-I am not to clued up on this ,but It is an injection she receives every two months. She is happy with this. We agreed that the effect of the injection would be the last defense in preventing un-wanted pregnancy. For eg: Narrow down any risk as much as possible with physical barriers (condoms) and then if any " babymakers"  escape the injection would hopefully do its job. We are quite happy with this. As i read that the injections have a 99% success rate. Moving on, Recentley as you may know- I started taking cipralex(and I still have my hair :P ) I struggle to sometimes maintain a great erection as a result of the SSRi medication, It is not so bad, maybe 75% of what it used to be, Wearing a condom makes it slightly tough as well. I have read about spermicidal chemicals, in the form of dissolving pills-or creams? Its upsetting not to be able to preform for the most beautiful girl in the world. Would it be taking a risk to make use of spermicide and her injections , without condoms, I however have already kind of made up my mind to stick with the condoms as I imagine this would be the safest. I have spoken to a lot of my friends about this, They informed me that they dont even use condoms, just the " pill"  as they call it. I love my girlfriend to much to take this risk and endanger her future. Please advise. Thanks so much for the great service. Regards
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01 Jan 0001

Hallo J
I suggest you see a physiotherapist about the archilles tendonitis that still seems to be present - you may need some treatment and gentle stretching exercises to prevent worsening of the symptoms again.
The contraceptive injection, if taken regularly is a good way of preventing pregnancy, but using condoms prevent sexual transmitted infections, so is always better to use if you are not yet in a longterm committed relationship. Speak to your doctor about alternative antidepressants as there are some with less sexual side effects. A while ago we tried to get hold of spermicidal jelly for a clinical trial and could not get any. However, it is an alternative option if you can get hold of it.
Dr Bets
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