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07 Mar 2003

Authority figures, Shrinks sessions, sleep disturbance
Dear Shrink from outer space!!

Authority figures

I thought u did not want to be called that? Why is it that i do not mind being crazy but whenever i mention it people have to correct me.

The above is an example of my issue with authority figures - you provide this hopefully great service and i go what does a guy from the UK know about us. Our pride, culture the sneekiness of most of our men - with other women that is. Why is it only the other "special" people talking as i can see from the archives.

My boss tells me to be on time for classes and i am cross because i think that when i get there i work harder than the others (i still think so + an hour is too long). We must do mundane marking and invigilation and i am cross. But the problem is that my previous bosses also had problems going back a long while.

My husband also took the more travelled route after 7 yrs (3yrs courtship). Why am i in love with a Speed Cop which i kissed twice - thats totally infatuated after a whole year - We haven't had much contact as he is married with kids. Why should i care about this when others did not care about me?

Shrink sessions

Is the shrink supposed to tell you what to do?
if so - they are dangerous
if not - what is the use of them?

Can the shrink give u a hug. And is the shrink really your friend or is it like a hairdresser.

Are there any photo's of shrinks that i can find one i can relate to on a personal level. Otherwise cybershrink is mos good enough. If this is not gonna work i am definately kissing my dentist.

Why are shrinks nice to you when talking to you but fat exaggerating gossips when talking about you - especially when they get the chance to dissect you on paper.

I go 2 sleep at 3 in the morning & have 2 take pills

Why is this? I do not feel guilty about past stuff a lot anymore and the fresh ideas are fun too - plus i have not been following through on them...

Should we start a chat room or is this thing fast enough? Are there any normal people reading this stuff? If so, i recon we may assume that you r bored and would like to be chief over the less fortunate to make yourself feel good. Why is it that normal people serve on the Boards of eg the scitzophrenia disease support or work group or whatever. In a group of people with adjustment problems there are loads of talent - this is off the topic - sorry.

What is the topic - that has helped anyone which has emanated from this forum so far?

Is it good 4 me to hear all your snottty remarks when you have not been trained at all - fellow sufferers. One tends to see mainly your own problems.

Ok i am going 2 brace myself - B gentle i would not like to go 4 electric shock therapy. Why do i never get to go for daily physio or sleep therapy

and when can i know for sure that this episode or scene kind of incompetent thing will be the last one.

This is a sad state of affairs. The majority of readers is probably in deNile thats not a river in Egypt and the others are on the bread line but then why do u waste money on computer and internet -better than ciggy's?

Buy 4 now - should i send some of the good stuff above to the dating service? My name is C........., i love the outdoors and i happen 2 b interesting and givted as is indicated on this DSTM scale or whatever. In short i am crazy it is a lot of fun - my previous boyfriend loved it as he constantly thought that he would get lucky soon. But i was too fast for him - that is mentally and physically and........... U can guess what happened.

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01 Jan 0001

Dear Cat fighter,
Wow. at 2.25 am ! That's kinda a large pile of assertions to deal with. has anyone ever suggested that you may be Bipolar, and perhaps in a manic phase ? Let's see what can be readily answered here.
OK, so you have a problem with authority figures, which is not what I'd choose to call myself. I hav a problem with a few of them myself, especially when they have no basis for claiming to be an authority on anything, but insist on telling others what to do, as realisically as a Miss World contestant claiming she's working for World Peace.
"what does a guy from the UK know about us" ? Who he ? I'm a guy from SA, wo wrked for some years in the UK, Canada, and USA, before returning to SA. This experience makes one more aware of what's pretty universal within mankind ( and manunkind !) ; and of cultural and social differences.
Prettywell everyone who visits and contributes to our site is "special", as are you.
So, bosses are one particular category of authority figure with whom you clash. They may be wrong at times, but it's usually not worth arguing except about points that really matter a lot, otherwise the workplace becomes purely a source of conflict, and one misses out on the satisfactions that can also be gained there.
I've never fallen in love with a Speed Cop, nor even kissed one ; but there are surely easier ways to meet guys, preferably unmarried guys ?
Shrink sessions -- you pose a false dichotomy. A shrink isn't there to simply tell you what to do, nor to refuse to give advice. What a good shrink ought to do is to pose questions, challenges, suggestions for you to examine and test ; to enable you to work out the best choice ( for you ) about what to do.
Can a shrink give you a hug ? Maybe, on specific occasions when someone needs and deserves comfort --- and when it is only a hug, and for the patient's benefit and not the shrink's. A shrink should be friendly, but not really "your friend" --- he/she should be much more than that. It's valuable for the shrink not to get much personally or emotionally involved with you, so as to keep some objectivity and to remain able to give better advice.
Pleased to hear that Cybershrink may be "mos good enough" ; but I don't want to be held responsible for you kissing your dentist.
I'm not sure what shrink has been gossiping about you, or dissecting you on paper. They shouldnt gossip about the private affairs of their patients. Occasionally, a more academic shrink, may discuss some aspects of spcific patients ( keeping the person's identity confidential ) in academic and professional journals, in order to help us understand problems and ways of dealing with them, better.
I'm sure it's useful to have "normal" people, in the sense of people not directly afflicted by disorders, on the board of organizations amed at helping people with such disorders, as well as having expert input from people who ARE afected by the conditions they deal with. If one ran an organization to help people in the terminal stage of AIDS, and the Board consisted solely of people with terminal AIDS, the Board might die out long before all the people te group should help, received help. having a disorder isn't the only way to learn about it ---you can easily learn how to help someone with a broken leg, without actually having to break your own leg, first.
I'm pleased to hear that you don't go for Sleep Therapy, as it is a totally quack therapy, of no benefit to anybody, which no competent health professional should ever provide or recommend.
Probably better for folks to spend on the internet than ciggies --- web browsing doesn't cause cancer, so far as we can see.
That you're interesting and gifted is clear. And maybe, even when you're this igh, it can be fun for a while --- but can wear out people who aren't equivalently high. Also, as you'll have noticed, being so high isnt actually productive, as one can't concentrate for long enough on any specific task, to be truly successful at it. As you say, one tends no to follow through on the bright ideas one had. That's why reatment can be valuable in slowing one down to a less whirly, giddy speed at which one can once again be efficient.

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