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04 Feb 2013

Awesome Life
Hi all, i would just like to say thanks to everyone who has commented on my previous posts (re: Successful Relationship). Your words of encouragement have helped a lot since I have left my ex that has just used me. I have started going out and enjoying myself, and strangely, I have not been looking for anyone, but just to go and meet people and make friends.

I have a few people guys now who are really keen to date me, which is so weird as no one has ever really asked me out before. Life could not be better. I have told these guys that I am not ready for a new relationship just yet as to what has happened, and we have become great friends. Just to let you know, I am not a player, so I am not using these guys as a rebound and they all know my situation.

I can''t believe how much I am enjoying life right now, and how much confidence I have picked up in the last couple of weeks. This also helps me to feel good about myself. All these guys that I have met are awesome people! the saying is so true, don''t go out looking for love, it will come to you. :)

May you all have a wonderful week ahead!!