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09 Jan 2003

Big Male Dieter asks about diet myths
I am 26 years old, 1.82 m tall and weight 92 kg. I feel fat (my goal weight is 78 kg) and so I am on yet another diet. My girlfriend convinced me to try your diet and exercise. My questions are:
(1) My girlfriend says no Aromat, because it stimulates your appetite. Is that true? I love aromat!
(2) My girlfriend says only fat makes you fat. I think sugar, carbohydrates and fat make you fat. Who is right?
(3) Are your portions big enough for a guy my size? I want to lose weight faster so I am cutting down the protein to 100g per day. Is that enough?
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Big Male Dieter
At present your BMI = 28,8 which is above the normal level. It would be good if you could achieve a BMI of about 23 and a weight of about 76 kg. Here are the answers to your questions:
1) Aromat will not actually stimulate your appetite, BUT it is loaded with salt (sodium) which is firstly not good for your blood pressure and kidney function and secondly can lead to water retention so that your weight may not decrease as desired. So use it sparingly, if at all.
2) I am inclined to agree with your girlfriend that fat (37 kJ/g) is more likely to make you fat than carbs and protein (17 kJ/g - quite a difference!). Alcohol is of course a great source of energy at 29 kJ/g, so cut out all alcohol and excess fat and you will lose that weight. However any food will make you fat if you eat it in excess, so the idea of this diet is to reduce your fat and your energy intake to achieve weight loss.
3) I trust you are going to use the Slimming Diet which you can access by clicking on 'Diet' and 'Weight Loss' and Slimming Diet'? If you find that you are hungry all the time then you may increase the portions sizes of the permitted foods slightly (5 slices of wholewheat bread instead of 4, etc), but don't take this as Carte Blanche to overeat. Seeing that adult men and women only require 50-60g of protein a day, 100g is more than enough.
Remember to do that exercise.
Good luck
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