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18 Jan 2003

BMI is a meaningless statistic in isolation...
SorryDietDoc, but I believe you're misleading the public. Your base for "weight loss"advice is the simple BMI calculation. Sure, this has some value but only when related to body fat %. As a single indicator, body fat % is a far better indicator of obesity than BMI. Using your methodology you would rate the whole Springbok rugby team as "obese" and suggest they loose weight and "click on diet and weight loss" Apporpriate advice? - I think not. Weight or BMI is not an indicator of obesity, body fat % is. Like most allopathic practitioners you seek to give simple, reductionist "advice". Tell the truth - to look good and be healthy, (that's the REAL question that's being asked), one has to exercise, eat a diet appropriate to your activity, drink 2l water daily and get your body fat % down to acceptable levels - you know them. Most of your answers are so general that no advice would have been better than yours. Yes, I am having a "go" at you, it's called consumerism and more questions should be asked of the allopathic practitioners "advice"! And, no I'm not an "alternative" health care professional - merely a slightly more informed Joe Public. Think on it....
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Ma'at
Thank you for your input. You are aware of the fact that this is an Internet service which cannot provide the type of in-depth assessment that is only possible in a one-to-one consultation. If you need to have your body fat % determined then it is advisable to go to a good gym or consult a clinical dietitian. The use of the BMI is still a perfectly acceptable tool - believe me, if your BMI exceeds 25, then you are overweight and as for rugby players, most of them do have a problem with weight. I actually did a study on body weight and fitness when I was at the University of Stellenbosch using the first rugby team as subjects and most of these young men were not only overweight, but they continued eating vast amounts of energy-laden food even when they were not training. This is one of the reasons why certain sportsmen and women gain so much weight when they stop exercising - you know the picture - fat, flabby hulks who once were ripping with muscles! If you take a minute of your time to read my replies to the hundreds of readers who write in every week then you may notice that I mention all the aspects you list : do exercise, eat a balanced diet (energy and fat reduced if you want to lose weight) and if you have a specific problem, then do X, Y or Z. I trust that you are feeling better after having relieved yourself of your frustration. Keep in mind that solutions to complex problems can be simple and straightforward. My role is to point readers in the right direction so that they can help themselves to achieve their goals, not write a thesis on obesity every time I answer a question.
Think about that ....
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