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06 Feb 2003

As weightloss is the excess of calories burnt and calories taken in, I would like to know how many calories I have to "save" to loose 1 kg of fat? I recall reading somewhere that it is in the region of 7000??

According to the calculator on this site, my BMR is 1446. Does this mean that if I do no exercise and follow a diet of only 1000 calories per day, I will only loose approx. 0.5 kg a week?

If this is correct, I struggle to understand how people can loose more than 1kg a week unless they exercise very hard for more than 60 minutes every day (i.e. burning 10 cal. per minute) or eat far less than 1000 cal per day?

Am I reasoning correctly?
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Liz
Firstly the effect of exercise is much more far-reaching than the amount of energy you burn during a session - it also increases your Basic Metabolic Rate (the amount of energy required to keep your body functioning when at rest or asleep) for as much as 48 hours afterwards. This will also contribute to weight loss. You are however, quite correct that most people need to eat a reduced energy diet (approx. 1000 to 1200 kcal for adult women) and do exercise to lose approx. 0,5 kg per week. This is an excellent rate of weight loss and you will be more inclined to keep it off if you lose slowly instead of fast. The people who lose weight very rapidly do use very-low-energy or starvation diets (which usually leads to regain of weight lost as soon as they start eating a bit more), and/or exhaustive exercise, but it is also true that individuals can differ when it comes to the rate at which they lose weight. Men tend to lose weight more rapidly than women, extremely overweight people more rapidly than a person who only has 1 or 2 kg to lose. Weight loss and obesity are amongst the most complicated metabolic phenomena we humans experience, so there are no hard and fast rules.
Best regards
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