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16 Feb 2009

cellphone pornography
Mycousin both receives and sends pornographic pictures to any guy that she hooks up with on mxit. Recently she was caught sending an explicit photo of herself to a boy of 12 and lost her waitressing job as a result. My cousin is 16 and has been sexually active since she was 13. She gets drunk and sleeps with guys she doesn' t even know. When I ask her about the porno she denies it even though i have seen it many times myself when she leaves her phone lying around. Her mother keeps buying her airtime even though she knows her daughter is doing this. I feel so worried for my cousin as we have grown up together and if she carries on like this, she can only end up flunking school and being a loser - a lot of guys I know have all seen photos of her private parts and laugh about it and want to know from me what is wrong with her. My mom thinks she was sexually molested as a child but her mother is in total denial that she has a problem at all, which is very frustrating for us who want to try and help her. She can be so sweet and kind to me but she has such an ugly side to her when she doesn' t get her own way - she swears terrribly, threatens to commit suicide and basically manipulates her mother to get her own way. What can I do to help?She has also started bunking school and has guys coming around during the day to " visit"  according to their landlady.
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01 Jan 0001

If she was sending porno pictures to a boy of 12, she should have been arrested, not merely sacked ( if this is what a waitress busies herself with, no wonder service is slow ! She's 16, sexually active since 13, and apparently promiscuous. Its remarkable if she isn't already HIV positive. What sort of mother allows and encourages this in a kid of 16 ? And if she is earning money waitressing, why is Mom buying her airtime anyway ? If she was sexually molested as a child, that's unfortunate, and she should be encouraged to see a psychologist to work through that. And if her mother ignores all this, its hardly surprising she was molested and mom didn't notice. Maybe your mom should have a serious talk with her mom ( ? her sister ) and make it clear that it seems that everyone around has noticed her daughter becoming a slut and that the mother is doing nothing about it, and encourage the woman to wake up and try being a mom for a change. And if she can't be bothered, maybe child welfare should be informed to check up on this, before the girl is too old for any agency to be interested
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