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01 Aug 2006

child abuse
hi cs

as you know i tried to help my step daughter to get a job, well i got the message via her father from the granny that if i continue to "harrass " ( 3 sms and 1 call) her she ( the granny)
would get a court order against me

imagine!!! the cow, distroyed the kids life by not equiping them for a future, the girl only has st 7 and is now trying to study at tech she has not self confidance and no goals or morals, the boy is doing home schooling - image a child that has no sence of responsibility is now studying from home, needless to say he is not doing anything, he weighs about 120 kg and is only 15 years, he always smells and has no respect for any woman or self for that matter, he only drinks and smokes and eats

the gran had these kids for the last 14 years, yet they not equip in any way to be adults, not emotionally. acedemically or even spritually..... surely this is child abuse!!!

i mailed the ex last night and he admits that things are a mess but he doesn't want to get involved ( not that he can do anything) t, surely kids should be able to take parents and gardians to court for the damage done by not preparing them for the years ahead

and now that i can empower the child to work and be free of the granny she reveals her true colours, she wants them to be failures and depandant on her for emotional and financial support so she has control over them
it's so sick, yet the world outside look at her and say " what a wonderfull woman to have raised these poor kids and look how hard she tries to help them, the kids are so ungrateful and make her life hell" yet she destroyed their chances to become the people they were ment to be by not disciplining them and loving them in away that they felt safe

why is mostly physical harm regarded as child abuse yet this kind of damage is far worse and the child is damaged for the rest of their lives but i can't recall anyone doing anything about it ...

i was just wondering

take care

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01 Jan 0001

Presumably before any court would issue such an order, they'd require real evidence of genuine harassment, not wild claims based on bitterness. Presumably the father could go to a court and complain that they are being badly cared for, and ask the court to review the current arrangements.
And youre right that, however awful the thought of physical child abuse, there can be even worse ways of damaging their lives
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