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14 Jan 2013

child support and my rights

I have been living with the father of my two kids for 8 years now. We had a very bad fight this weekend (over diciplinning the kids) and he has told me thatif i dont want to do it his way I must take my things and F off. he said that I must not even think about leaving him and taking the kids. He is of the opinion that they will be much better off with him as he feels my way of reprimanding them is to soft and that giving them a hiding that makes them hop up and down is the best way to go then tapping them on the bum obviously does not work. Our kids are aged 3 and 4.

He has further said that if i do try to take the kid he will keep me so busy in court that I will be broke by the time he is finished with me then he will get the kids in any way. He earns about 40k a month vs my 7k a month. He has said that if i dare claim maintenance he will quit his job and has no problem living on the street as a bum so long as I dont get a sent from him.

What do I do and where do I start, we are not married and I can move to my family who lives 9 hours drive away if need be and get a job there but what are my rights as the mother of the children. If I do move away (9 hours drive) can I just take my kids and leave or must I move to where he can have access to the kids. He said he might consider custody that he has them 6 months and I have them the other 6 months but the girls are so young and how will it be on them?

Thank you
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