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22 Aug 2011

Hi Scotty.

We recently moved house( I actually wrote in about this a while ago) and we followed your advice to get our little ones used to the new place and they are LOVING it! I have never seen 2 dogs play so much and they run around like maniancs :-)

The problem is that the smaller one, our miniature maltese poodle girl has started dong her business in the house again. It is only ever at night and always in the same place, it makes sense because the floor in that room is made out of sandstone and it looks/feels/smells exactly the same as the floor we had on our patio in the old house, she always used to do her business there because she hates going on the grass - little madam!

How do we stop this behaviour? There is a doggy door so she can go outside at night and during the day she does all her business outside on the bricks.

We cant catch her in the act because we are sleeping!

We have been blocking off the area the last few nights by making a wall out of our dining room charis as there is no door to the room but we cant keep doing it.

Any advice?
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Dog Behaviour Expert
Dog Behaviour Expert

01 Jan 0001

Hello there Shnoodle - lovely to hear from you again and so pleased things are getting sorted out.

This is not an uncommon problem with little dogs, especially when it is cold - and it has been cold this year! As it is happening at night, I agree, difficult to control. What I would suggest you try is to wash the whole floor (several times) with a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar to 2/3 water and use paper towels to soak up any excess. The in the areas she is normally using, put down some pure Citronella oil - the majority of dogs hate the smell of this.

As this is a situation that is hard to manage, you can either crate train her (wonderful things crates) as a dog seldom dirties where it sleeps or consider having an inside toilet for her. As she prefers the bricks, then put about 6/8 bricks in the corner of the room with some newspapers underneath and train her to go to the toilet there. What I find helpful in a situation like this is to get some 'samples' (other dogs stools or wee) and place it on top of the new toilet. A dog normally always eliminates where another dog has been and this makes it so much easier for you. Use a fresh 'sample' daily for about 5 days. These can be kept, wrapped in plastic and inside another plastic for hygiene, in the freezer, but do allow the 'sample' to reach room temperature before placing. Heck, the things we do for our dog! Take care and do give me an update when you can, thanks Scotty
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