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12 Aug 2010

Confusion over gym routine
Hi Fitness Doc
Thank you for answering my question regarding the krankcycle a while ago. If you don''t mind, I''d like to clarify something else with you. I am 1,54m tall, weight 90kgs, am HIGHLY insuliin resistant (not on medication as it affects me adversely). My BMI is 34 and my body fat %''age according to the gym''s machine is 45%. My normal routine over the last 2 months has been about 40 mins of cardio on the treadmill (power walking on an incline 1,5%), the eliptical trainer and exercise bicycle. I usually combine these three in one session. Then I do about 15 minutes stretching afterward. My question : is it compulsory that I do some weight training as well? I read conflicting opinions about whether one should weight train whilst trying to lose so much weight. I know cardio works best for weight loss, but I also know that more muscle increases RMR. Am I right? What would you recommend? Shall I stick to my cardio as is or should I include some weights as well? I''m also going to be increasing gym to 4 days a week. Pllllease help me with this. I am terribly overweight and altho'' my endocrinologist is not keen to put me on medication to aid my weight loss, if I haven''t lost at least 2 kgs within the next 2 months he will. I desperately want to avoid this. I do have an eating plan he gave me as well. I trust your opinion and hope you can settle this matter for me.

Thanks again!
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Noleen

No, it's not compulsory, certainly not, and there is a bit of split in the thinking, as you've seen.

I think that some weight training would be beneficial though, for a couple of reasons. One you mentioned - it increases lean muscle mass, and that is beneficial for everyone, particularly if you have insulin resistance, so that will help. Then second, getting stronger means reducing injury risk, also a good thing, so that's a good reason to do some.

Now might be a good time to add it, given that you're adding a 4th day to your weekly training. This gives you a lot of time and space to play with, and the addition of a gym session with weights will give you good variety, and also hopefully some good effects.

I know from our programme on weight loss at SSISA, a lot of people really respond very well to the weight training, others not as much, and I'm never quite sure why this is. But it's a good addition, if only because it hasn't been tried yet and there's nothing to lose from doing it - it's not as though you are taking away training to do it, you're adding it.

My question re your programme so far is whether you have gotten fitter as a result? If the answer is yes, then just hang in there, keep doing what you've been doing, maybe just a little more of it per day, or walk further, cycle faster etc - small increases. If however you don't feel that you're getting fitter, then I would suggest you look at that programme, because it may not be what you need. And if you can get fitter, then you'll get healthier too.

Good luck
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