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30 Nov 2005

Daily thoughts #3
Hello, its me again. I study my own kind. I watch people everyday, observe their actions and play roles in their scenes. Out of all the things a person can do to hurt me, the most hurtful is to see them desperate. To the point where they act like animals to get what they want. I cant help but think that there are so many of us, surely we must not all be important. Guess that depends on to whom. If theres no one besides people, then we are not important. We are just like animals. We kill each other. And we reproduce and we die again. But yet there is so much to us. Maybe its the animal instinct in us, that kills us. And if we could somehow think alike then perhaps there would be meaning to our lives. Even though my mind having said all this is still a strong believer in christ, it still has overwhelming perceptions about things. I believe in a god yet there are questions I think all us believers have, but are afraid to ponder. I was put on this planet, and told to believe in something I had never seen. Its almost like being told there is a santa clause, but yet you never see him. If i wanted someone to come my way, I would surely show signs.... Show signs. Maybe that is my answer. Maybe I have been missing the signs all along. The alternative bieng there arent any, and Its all in my head. There is always an alternative, we just cease to think about it. Sometimes it feels like there isnt much of a future with us humans. Its like, I want all of this fighting and hate to end. It makes me angry, that we are so flawed. And it makes me angry that I can be as flawed as them. In the end, it doesn't matter what I think I guess. I'm just speaking out of teenage stupidity perhaps. Just a thought...
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01 Jan 0001

interesting points of view lets see what responses you get - in the end we can only account for our own actions and what we make of this life
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