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03 Mar 2003

Daughter dodging bedtime
My step-daughter is 8 years old, and everynight at bed time, she is terribly hungry.
One evening I only dished up at about 19:45 and at 20:15 she was crying -to the state that
she was gasping for air - she is hungry!!!
And when we are having supper - she is stating that she is now full and does not
want to eat anymore. I "bribe and cheat" her into eating her food,
for I know at 20:00 she will be hungry again.

her Father and myself do not know what to do anymore.
I Don't know what to do anymore, she is hiding cookies and sweets,
and there is NO need for this. I have de-wormed her already. I feel this is just being naughty.
I think she doesn't want to go to sleep, she is going to miss something.
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01 Jan 0001

Yes, MoThEr, sounds rather like diversionary tactics to me. As it becomes more apparent that evening life can be interesting, kids can get more and more reluctant to go to sleep, and seek out excuses to delay bedtime. Anyonw might feel hungry, especially if dinner/ supper is delayd for some reason --- but crying wildly about it is a bit over the top, and sounds like attention-seeking ( and atention-getting ! ) behaviour.
There's a small chance of some physical problem, although Diabetes ( ? any in your families ? ) isn't usually seen to present at this age --- but if someone has an unstable blood sugar, they may become less able to control themselves when there's a delay in meals, and sugar levels fall ; and may save some cookies and sweets to smack on when they feel themselves getting a bit woozy as the sugar levels decline. As I say, far from a likely scenario, but maybe something to ask your GP about next time she sees him/her.
The pattern of agitating for supper to begin, then anouncing that she's full so soon after starting, also sounds more like a bid to gain atention. Has anything major changed in her life, such as a new child, or some newcomer to the family circle, who she may feel draws attention away from her ?
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