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06 Dec 2005

depressed periodically
I feel as if I periodically suffer from depression and it seems to have got worse since I was pregnant and had a baby. I don’t feel sad all the time but it happens often for no real reason. I realize that I am very lucky as I have a husband who is wonderful and a healthy baby that is not at all difficult. I also get very tired which doesn’t make sense as the baby sleeps through the night most of the time so I am getting about 8 hours sleep a night. My depression is usually worse when I am at work. I work full time in a position which can be rather boring but I have a good chance of getting a better position sometime next year so I have that to look forward to as well. I don’t have financial worries as such. Why do I then get so down? Is it possible that there is some kind of chemical imbalance or is it hormonal. I actually did have my hormones tested once by a doctor and they were quite normal. Would it help to take anti-depressants or is there some way I can change my thinking. I am grateful for all the good things in my life but still there is this cloud that hangs over my head and just won’t go away. I feel guilty for feeling depressed as I am so much more fortunate than many people out there. Is there some over the counter medicine like St John’s Wort that might help with mild depression? I definitely don’t want to commit suicide or anything like that but I feel as if I have the potential to be a much happier person but am locked inside a shell which only lets me out now and then. I find if I concentrate my thoughts on small things that make me happy I feel better.
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01 Jan 0001

Depressions may start or worsen after childbirth --- but still they respind excellently to the proper treatment.
I haven't the fainbtest idea why, other than profit-making, doctors in SA seem so eager to check people's hormone levels, as in most of the situations in which this is done, there isn't the remotest chance of any useful findings. Yes there may be a chemical imbalance in the srotonin, or noradrenaline, or any other of several brain systems, immeasurable, but relevant. See a good local shrink for a proper assessment and a discussion of treatment options. Don't feel guilty -- Depression like this can happn to anyone --- but DO see a good shrink to have it worted out properly asap
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