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18 Jul 2011

Digestive issues
Hi Doc

My whole life I''ve had hectic digestive issues. I was born without enzymes and my pancreas has never functioned properly. Which means that I had really bad colic as a baby and I was tested for allergies every couple of weeks etc.

About 6 years ago I started getting really sick. I would get hectic stomach cramps and then would start vomiting without cause, and would not be able to stop or keep anything in. I would then have to go to hospital, have some injections and be kept on a drip...sometimes for up to two days. (injections were voltaren and I think, buscopan.)

I''ve had all kinds of tests done....Ultrasounds, colonoscopy, gastroscopy...I can''t even remember all of them.

The doctors could never find the exact problem, but they found that I had too much fluids in my intestines and I also have an acid problem because of too little enzymes. They actually thought that I had ulcers, but couldn''t find any with the colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

Whenever I''m stressed, these symptoms used to present themselves again...

For the past couple of years above mentioned didn''t happen regularly and when it did, it wasn''t as bad as before. I do exercise and try to eat healthy and try to avoid certain foods. For example if I have lamb potjie - I know that I''ll probably end up in hospital, because I get insanely sick from having it!

Since last year June, I''ve been having issues again. This time it starts with me feeling really nauseous...then I''ll feel really bloated (but not my stomach!! It''s definitely much lower down.) and then I''ll have diarrhee...It gets so bad that I actually get a fever and my whole body is sore afterwards.

I''ve read up on IBS and spastic colons etc. since I know that I''m way too stressed and this has a huge impact on my digestive system. This weekend it happened again and somebody asked me if I didn''t maybe have a gluten allergy? I did have muffins this weekend and it could be because of that? (I try not to eat too much bread etc.)

I know that I should probably go back to the specialist that treated me in the past, but I live in a different city now. (Treatment included prescribing clopamon (for nausea) and adco-omeprazole (if I remember correctly) to control acid in my stomach. I used this for 6 months...)

I went to a doctor last year and he prescribed antibiotics for a bladder infection...I don''t feel like going through all of these tests again...and I also don''t have a medic aid, only a hospital plan. So I''m afraid of spending thousands of rands (again) without really finding out what I have to do to get better.....

Please help as I''m feeling really depressed about this. I''m only 26 years old, recently married and sick every other week.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
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01 Jan 0001

You surely can not continue feeling this ill and I therefore, suggest that you consult a gastroenterologist. I am unable to provide an informed opinion about what is happening to you but after investigation by a gastroenterologist, a diagnosis can be formulated.

It is possible that you have a gluten allergy and this can easily be detected with blood tests. It is also possible that you have poor absorption of food causing your symptoms. A consultation with a specialist is therefore, of utmost importance.


Dr Anrich
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