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06 Mar 2003

Epilepsy or non-epilepsy
I have been treated by a Phsyciatrist in Pretoria since 1996 up to 2000 when we moved to Cape Town.
I was diagnosed with:
1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
2. Major Depression,
3. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder,
4. Epilepsie with Pseudo Epilepsy.

I was admitted to Denmar Clinic in 1996 where I received the following treatment:

1. ECT
2. Lamictin 100mg Rivotril 0.5mg, Luvox 100mg, Epilim.
3. Cognitive behavioural therapy.
4. Supportive psychotherapy.
5. Occupational therapy.
6.Environmental therapy.

The response to this was very succsessful to a point because the symptoms kept on returning until I had a complete breakdown(burnout).
After this incident matters went from bad to worse in the sense of having seizures, mostly Grand Mal and Depression with suiacidal impulses.

After we moved to Cape Town, I was referred to a neurologist who performed a cat scan and a EEG. Both turned out negative and I was referred to another Neurologist for further tests. I was admitted to the Constantia Berg Hospital where ( I don't know the correct name of the test) he performed another EEG. They connect wires to your scull which are then monitored through a computer for 5 days. The test turned up negative and it was assumed that I suffer from a pscychological problem and was referred to a phsyciatrist. He changed my medication to Efexor XR 225mg daily and Pax 20mg daily. I was diagnosed with child abuse and had suffered with this problem mostly all my life causing stress and later on the seizures and depression.

I would like your opinion on the whole scenario because My biggest problem at the present moment are the seizure which I still experience about three times per week. Absence of memory and depression.

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01 Jan 0001

Dear Fjay,
This sounds as if you've had a complex disorder, and complex treatments for it. From what I can understand from your message, the recent tests including a careful EEG ( which through those wires, measures the tiny, subtle electrical impulses in your brain functon ) seem to have found no sign of the presence of Epilepsy. This is good news, and suggests that you would not need the anti-epileptic medicines you have taken before.
Apparently, this leaves you with the problem of still having fits. These probably are arising from psychological problems and would need to be dealt with by skilled psychological intervention, to enable you to regain control of them, as they are not inevitable, but could be under your control. Which, also, could be good news, if you work on regaining control over the process.
If you were abused as a child, a situation which is sadly comon, this is unfortunate --- but it does not necessarily condemn you to a life of depression and misery. Again, concentrating on psychological work on these isues, you can rise above thatever happened in the past, to build a happier and more stable future. You can learn to leave whatever happened in the past, in the past, and to exclude it from your present and future.
I'm no clear about the memory problems you mention. If there are areas in the past which you don't remember, that may not be a problem, as no-one normally does remember most of their past life, nor do we need to. If there is a problem with short-term memory ( that is, remembering what you had for breakfast, or who you met yesterday ) that is worth discussing with your doctor.
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